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Art by Adrijus

Latest from the Blog

“The Fixer” Published in May 2023 Edition of Aphelion Magazine

My short story The Fixer appears on the virtual pages of Aphelion, May 2023 edition. It’s one of my earlier attempts at writing hardboiled Lovecraft-noir, and I’m very happy to find such a wonderful home for it. In The Fixer, a gun-for-hire tracks his target, a cult leader, to a backwoods town. But soon the…

“Ripple Tide” Included in New “A-Z of Horror” Anthology

My short story Ripple Tide is now out as part of the latest A-Z of Horror anthology by Red Cape Publishing, Q is for Quantum. This is the third time one of my stories made it into the A-Z anthology series, and I’m honored to be featured alongside some great new (and established) authors. There…

“Garuda” Published in Upcoming “The Depths Unleashed 2”

My short story Garuda is included in The Depths Unleashed 2 anthology by Skywatcher Press, expected publication date 23 May. An elderly fisherman is hired by smugglers to transport a mysterious cargo to an isolated island in the Andaman Sea. He soon finds himself trapped on a sinister beach, with horrors stalking him both on…