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“In This Skin” Published in “Dissections” Horror E-Zine

My story In This Skin has been published in the March 2022 issue of Dissections, “The Journal of Contemporary Horror”. The complete table of contents for this edition is available here. “Dull afternoon light invested the harsh concrete planes and angles of the structure with a kind of dreary splendor, an almost dignified ugliness. The … Continue reading ““In This Skin” Published in “Dissections” Horror E-Zine”

“Interrogation” Dark Horror by Damir Salkovic

Damir is the author of the sci-fi thriller Kill Zone, the occult mystery Always Beside You, and short stories featured in multiple horror and speculative fiction magazines and anthologies, including the Lovecraft eZine, Martian Migraine Press, and Scare Street’s Night Terrors series. He lives in Virginia with his wife and his feline writing assistant. An … Continue reading ““Interrogation” Dark Horror by Damir Salkovic”

Appearing in The Chamber May 6

Authors and poets appearing include Alan Catlin, James Mulhern, Peter Michael Bush, Janelle Chambers, Patrick R. Wilson, Hareendran Kallinkeel, Cecilia Kennedy, Kate Bergquist, Prithvijeet Sinha, Damir Salkovic, Tre Luna, N.D. Coley, Andre P. Audette, Angel Polanco, K.A. Williams, James Hanna, Anita Joy Balraj, and Pauline Chow Appearing in The Chamber May 6

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