“Sue’s Musings” Reviews “Always Beside You”

Sue Bavey just posted a fantastic review of Always Beside You on her book review blog Sue’s Musings. Here are some of the highlights – I heartily recommend reading the full review:

Salkovic expertly plays with his readers’ sense of trepidation as we find ourselves wandering the shadowy corridors of a mental institution along with characters in this book. “

The  novel flows along nicely and carries the reader with it.

I was especially pleased by this bit:

“Always Beside You is an eerily supernatural story, set mostly in Massachusetts, and since I live in the area and am familiar with many of the locations in the story, I found this an intriguing prospect and it somehow helped to make the story come alive and feel even more sinister for me.”

This is what writing creepy stories is all about, at least for me. Evoking familiar places, but infusing them with a touch of the uncanny and sinister. Thank you Sue for the kind words, and I’m glad you enjoyed Always Beside You!

Always Beside You on Amazon

Always Beside You on Barnes&Noble

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