Damir is an aficionado of horror and the weird living in Arlington, VA. He enjoys reading, traveling, and low-budget horror movies. He earns his living as an auditor, a profession that supplies nightmare material for his stories and plenty of writing time in the form of long-haul flights and interminable layovers.

His Amazon Author Page can be found here.


“Always Beside You”, novel, available via Amazon and Barnes&Noble

“Kill Zone”, novel, available via Amazon, Barnes&Noble and Smashwords

“Among Tall Trees”, short story in the upcoming What Remains anthology by Inked in Gray Publishing

“Overlay”, short story in Cosmic Crime Stories 2021

“The Escape”, short story in Cosmic Crime Stories 2020

“Idle Capacity”, short story in The San Cicaro Experience, available from Amazon, Barnes&Noble and Audible.

“October Boy”, short story in The Horror Magazine, May 2020 Issue

“Exit Horizon”, short story in the Lovecraft eZine, Issue #34

“The Divide”, short story in Resonator: New Lovecraftian Tales From Beyond, by Martian Migraine Press

“Cargo”, short story in Dimension6 Magazine, Issue 19, and the Dimension6 Annual Collection 2020

“The Sanction”, short story in Night Terrors Vol. 3 by Scare Street

“In Lost Country”, short story in anthology Strange Aeon: 2020

“The Changeover Cue”, short story in Little Demon Digest Volume 1

“Sharp”, short story in anthology F is for Fear by Red Cape Publishing

“The Harvesting”, short story in 101 Proof Horror from Haunted MTL

“The Looking-Glass”, short story in Blood Moon Rising Magazine, Issue #80

“Torpedo”, available from Branching Realities

“Survivor Type”, short story in Hinnom Magazine Issue 008

“Arrival”, short story in Vignettes from the End of the World, by Apokrupha

“Triumph”, short story on Tales to Terrify #52, January 2013

“Signal”, short story in The New Accelerator

“Shard of Heaven”, short story in Far Worlds, by The Bolthole

“On the Moors”, short story in Feast of the Dead, by Source Point Press

“Interrogation”, short story in A Lonely and Curious Country, by Ulthar Press

“The Hill”, short story in That Ain’t Right: Historical Accounts of the Miskatonic Valley, by Mad Scientist Magazine

“Mimescape”, short story in Year’s Best Transhuman SF 2017 Anthology, by Gehenna & Hinnom

“The Stain”, short story in A Grimoire of Eldritch Inquests: Occult Detective Monster Hunter, by Emby Press

“The Infernal Device”, short story in Cairo by Gaslight by Black Tome Books

“In Desolate Light”, short story in Ice by Thirteen O’ Clock Press

“The Eye of the Hunter”, short story in War by Thirteen O’ Clock Press

“Snowblind”, short story in Cranial Leakage: Tales from the Grinning Skull, Vol. II, by Grinning Skull Press

“Black Ziggurat”, short story in Villipede Double Feature 1 by Villipede Publications

“At the Altars of Terminal Gods”, short story in Pavor Nocturnus Dark Fiction Anthology, Vol II

“The Final Equation”, short story in Coming Back by Thirteen O’ Clock Press