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Second Drafts

Finishing the story is a huge step in the writing process, but it’s only the first step. Well, one of the first steps. Next comes the (often) painful process of revision, of cutting and adding, of kneading the raw, bloody mass of the manuscript into something approaching publishable shape. Depending on your method, or onContinue reading “Second Drafts”

“Always Beside You” Reviewed at A. Power Reviews

“The feel of the novel was akin to a Clive Barker or Joe Hill novel, visceral and yet ethereal to the core.” High praise for Always Beside You from book blogger Alexandra Power. The following excerpt perfectly summarizes my motivation to write. Literary telepathy at its finest. “The descriptions are so palpable that they getContinue reading ““Always Beside You” Reviewed at A. Power Reviews”

Interview: Sandra’s Book Club – Great Resource for Book Lovers

I recently came across Sandra’s Book Club, a website offering a read-and-review program aimed at helping new indie and small press authors reach a broader audience. The site is run by Sandra Lopez, a versatile artists and award-winning author of YA fiction. Signing up as a reader gives you access to a huge repository ofContinue reading “Interview: Sandra’s Book Club – Great Resource for Book Lovers”

Word Targets – Do They Fire You up, or Should You Set Them on Fire?

What makes a writer a writer? How many words should I be writing per day to merit the title of author? Is that every day, or can I take weekends off? Are word/chapter/story targets helpful, or are they arbitrary numbers, sometimes anxiety-inducing and unattainable, other times constraining your creativity? Should we let go and trustContinue reading “Word Targets – Do They Fire You up, or Should You Set Them on Fire?”

Cinematic Contemplation: February in Review

“High Life“: didn’t get the best reviews, but I loved it. Dark, complicated, and brutal, the movie explores the human moment during a one-way journey into the inhuman outer dark. Faced with both physical and mental annihilation, a father cares for his daughter on an experimental spacefaring vessel hurtling toward a black hole. Recommended forContinue reading “Cinematic Contemplation: February in Review”

“Kill Zone” Review – Diabolic Shrimp

Prolific author and book reviewer Joshua Grant of Diabolic Shrimp has posted a great review of Kill Zone. His book imprint is committed to a number of noble causes, with particular attention to ocean exploration, environmental action, and child/youth welfare. If you’re into science fiction and fantasy, want to make the world a better place,Continue reading ““Kill Zone” Review – Diabolic Shrimp”

Author Interview – Scott Coon SciFi

Science fiction author Scott Coon (Lost Helix, highly recommended for fans of YA science fiction) was kind enough to extend an invitation for me to participate in his Little Creative Interview series here. “To help share knowledge and encourage creativity, I offer The Little Create Interviews, five little questions with lots of potential.” His websiteContinue reading “Author Interview – Scott Coon SciFi”


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